the day had been torrid,a hive of activity,a ball of worries and a whole lot of endeavour that repayed us with nothing in return but a litany of failed objectives and a whole new chapter on how things can go so horribly wrong.Kays,Will and I walked towards the bus depot recounting the near misses,cherishing the dark twisted sardistic humour that is so often overlooked but shadows every failure.Will,as ever spun the tales with a flourish and ith the panache of a boxing ring announcer.As we arrived at the depot we could not help but notice a prostrated figure lying on the pavement.A tiny frame,a skeletal frame,she reeked of neglect and cheap booze.Her clothes were shabby and dirty.She wore a light brown blouse that had once been white,her skirt as ridden with patches of in an assortment of colors.She had no shoes on and her splayed and cracked feet caked in dried mud showed she had long dispensed of using such hinderances.As she lay on the pavement her skirt was hiked up revealing pole like thighs and an equally dismissive attitude towards underwear.Her head was at an unnatural angle,even more unnerving was the statuesque nature of her sleep,long dried drool was streaked across her cheeks.She slept on one of the city’s busiest streets,she had people walking over her,she had people jumping over her and some simply walked around her as if she was a broken lamp post obstructing the pavement.As she caught Kays’ eye he immediately suggested we go over and see if she needed any help.Will and I exchanged quizzical glances,as we were arranging the words of our dissent,Kays was already walking over to her.With a helpless shrug Will signaled our defeat.As we trotted to catch up Kays we watched as he gently shook her shoulder and spoke softly into her ear.He soon realised she was out cold,in a sleep so deep,the kind of sleep that can only be brought on by sickness,or alcohol,or drugs,or misery,or God forbid a cocktail of them all.After realising the futilty of it all he set her body to a natural angle and pulled her skirt down.At first as we walked towards her i felt foolish,as we stood over her and attempted to wake her up i felt embarassed.fOR a fleeting moment i thought of Kays i thought of Kays as naive,hundreds of people walked past her and over her.Only Kays had the courage of heart to help her.I saw a drunk,Kays saw a person in need.I thought of him as naive.The world had succeeded in making me indifferent yet he had survived and retained all the senses that truly make us human.