As the new football season prepares to get underway the familiar almost cyclical assertions,remedies and verdicts are tossed about.Nations whose teams’ performances at the world cup seemed painfully inadequate are left to rue the costs of hope deferred.The football teams looking to erase all memory of a dismal season gone by seemingly airbrush all signs of tattered egos and realigned expectations.Football fans are at their core energized by hope,reality plays second fiddle in a game that in essence turns everybody into a rabid romantic.Football like life is largely a field of group think,the ideas espoused by the herd gain prominence,currency and set a standard by which all issues are measured and counted for or against.Once a particular style of play is deemed the “standard” any team seemingly along a different style trajectory is labelled backward or just plain poor.Once a particular player gains fame he is deemed the prototype of how all footballers should play,speak,dress and look.Players with their own unique style become prime targets for irate fans’ when positive results are not forthcoming.Since 2008 the spanish national team was upheld as the true keepers of the path,the football purists purred at their play and every major football club just had to have at least one Spaniard as a signal of its intent to play football that is pleasing to neutrals..Two matches into Spain’s defence of the world cup and the Spanish philosophy had lost all backers,every commentator remarked how they all saw the woeful capitulation coming.By the end of the tournament there would be countless articles waxing lyrical about the superiority of the German way of life,football and the quality of german beer and sausages.Every German available on the transfer market is touted as a club changing signing,you have a sense that even if a club announced Angela Merkel as their latest signining fans would expect her to top the goal scoring charts.Players of the calibre of Iniesta,Koke,Xavi,Silva and Juan Mata are now overlooked and no longer in vogue.Group think reigns supreme.While most of the world was imitating the spanish play Germany was workinh on its own identity and strengths,indeed the hallmark of all the great sides in the last 30 years is their commitment to a brand of football that is novel,built to the strengths of its personnel and a trail blazer,from Arrigo Saachi’s Milan team.Louis Van Gaal’s Ajax team,Fergie’s Fledglings,Hitzfield’s Dortmund and Wenger’s Invincibles none of these great squads subscribed to any form of herd thinking,mass produced prescriptions or pandered to perceived weaknesses.As clubs chase remedies to their shortcomings a long term sustainable approach to success must not be overlooked,some clubs bemoan the quality of players they employ but perhaps the grass is greener on the other side simply because they take better care of their lawns over there.As nations dream up expensively built academies to jump start stalled aspirations,nations like Algeria and Costa Rica prove that with a shared football identity,a resolute plan and tailor made remedies success is made a lot more probable.