My mistakes are my life-Samuel Beckett

The most alarming trend in our social lives today is that the greater your misfortune the more suitable YOUR story is to entertain the insatiable baying public.Our consumption of the arts,global news and social culture leans heavily on three question”who got hurt”and “who is to blame” and “how are they to be punished”.The artist gets more exposure than his art,the politician hoard more coverage than their policies,and socialites eke out more publicity than the plight of the societies they are a part of.

Heroes are heroic not because they lose or win but because they are heroic in behaviour-Nassim Taleb

DSTV recently announced that they will be dedicating a twenty four hour channel whose sole purpose is to extensively cover the Oscar Pistorious trial,as an avid sports fan i am acutely aware that Africa has never had a twenty four hour sports channel dedicated to athletics,the irony was not lost on me,Oscar Pistorious by shooting his girlfriend had become bigger than the sport that gave rise to his fame.The hundred meter event remains the center piece of the olympics but it is fair to say athletics remains a sport that does not command a large following,it is well admired but not actively followed,save for Usain Bolt athletics does not posses a global icon who is currently active.That held true until Oscar Pistorious arrived on the scene and not only did he overcome his own disabilities to race in the paralympics he overcame the prejudices of our times by competing against able bodied athletes and came out with a winners medal.In a foot race, conventional thinking lost to courage and Oscar was courage’s ambassador,in the end are we not all striving to defeat the odds,to overcome limits and discard our disabilities and out race our realities?Whatever verdict is reached in Oscar’s trial there is only one certainty in the whole affair,Oscar shot and killed Reeva but the exact details of what transpired or inspired this tragic event died with Reeva Steenkamp.Oscar has become the subject of comedy,fodder for politicians and a stirring reference point for social justice warriors.Some  faceless unnamed sources have hinted to journalist that Oscar was a drug cheat and an all  round “not a nice guy” ,do we ever truly KNOW the people we cheer for on our screens and at our stadiums,does anybody besides a  wife,mother and a couple close truly understand who we really are?Have the lines between the artist and his art been blurred so absolutely that we demand he lives his life as we expect them lest we condemn both him and his art.There is a school of thought that says the difference between a saint and a sinner is that a saint does not view the world through the prism of his shortcomings and sins,whilst a sinner will view everything through the jail of his shortcomings and sins.One gets up to try again the other gets up to discourage others from trying.The Oscar Pistorious who was an ambassador for courage attracted a couple million viewers for his races,the Oscar who goes on trial will draw many times more that number.One group drew motivation from  Oscar the other seeks to fortify its own opinions.The Oscar we choose to remember is a reflection of who WE ARE more than who he is.