Every generation,blames the one before,and all of their frustrations,come knocking on your door.Mike and the Mechanics-IN THE LIVING YEARS

My father like most men of his generation seemed endowed with the ability to fix anything,he had the aptitude to take on any challenges and all the while shadowed by a self assurance that has seemingly become a scarce commodity.As a child my father’s abilities seemed limitless and impervious to the notion of defeat and failure.At school when my classmates would exchange tales of their fathers I shared the most elaborate and fanciful stories a prepubescent boy could conjure up,my dad built boeing jumbo jets,my dad was a part time military commando,my dad could have raced Nigel Mansell and won,my dad had been to the moon,my dad had developed cures for unpronounceable exceedingly efficient man killing diseases and my dad had helped design Disney World.Looking back on those conversations I now have a lingering suspicion my classmates considered me an abjectly poor liar but to me those statements were nothing but an expression of what I believed my father COULD do if and when he wished to.Yesterday would have been my late father’s sixty-first birthday and i have now lived a third of my life without his reassuring presence in my life,and yet it seems as though he has never left my side.I still talk/think of landing on the moon,building a fantasy world  where children’s imaginations can come to fruition and take flight uninhibited by adult cynicism and fear.I still believe an adult is a grown up who can and will seek out the next challenge simply to defeat it because WE CAN fix anything.I woke up early yesterday morning and when I turned on the radio the song ‘in the living years’ by Mike and the mechanics was playing,as I made my way towards  the door my vision got blurry,as my tears ran down my cheeks,they were warm rivulets of sorrow as well as rivulets of gratitude.Next to love there is no greater gift a child can receive than the gift of knowing that no matter what may encumber his progress,block his path he has an innate ability to overcome the obstacles and reach for the impossible,to always work hard and never lose sight of all he is capable of achieving.

I know that I’m a prisoner

To all my father held so dear

I know that I’m hostage

To all his hopes and fears

I just wish i could have told him in the living years