We are what we remember,the less we remember the less we know about ourselves and the less WE are-Calos Ruiz-Zafron


Few spectacles in sports can rival a penalty kick miss in football and when that penalty miss is as horrendous as Puncheon’s against Tottenham Hotspurs with the game level and his side in the ascendancy well it bears a close resemblance to a farce.When Tony Pulis was in charge of Stoke he built a team that was,simply put,HARD to beat,it was courageous,driven and physically dominating,this was achieved whilst playing some of the grittiest,ugliest and man mauling football ever seen.So when Crystal Palace chose Pulis to succeed Ian Holloway the reason was obvious,they were looking to add some backbone their team bring some resilience to their lacklustre performances,for the first fourty-five minutes against spurs they played with such skill,verve and an inventiveness that not only belied their position on the log but was of such high quality you could have thought they were Arsenal or Barcelona in disguise.Did Pulis possess the x factor?Had the tide changed?Had the leopard changed spots?An abysmal penalty that threatened birds flying over the stadium rather than the goal a second half marked by poverty in endeavour and self belief and sadly the mirage fell away,the tide had not changed,Pulis is yet to show the x factor and Palace fans should expect their club to lure a couple out of work rugby players to sign on during the January transfer window.


One of the tragedies of football is that a great contest can so often be overshadowed by the ridiculous,inept and just plain dumb officiating by referees.Over the weekend the Newcastle versus Manchester City clash was a fast paced no holds barred exhibition of slick attacking football but the disastrously poor call by the referee to rule out the Chiek Tiote goal as offside was truly unpardonable,four years is more than sufficient time for officials to come to grips with the offside law amendments and yet many matches are marred by dubious calls that play pivotal roles in the outcome of contests.During the Stoke/Liverpool match Raheem Sterling handled the ball with casual ease then went on to take a tumble in the box after a fairly innocuous challenge the barest of contact,he earned his side a penalty and a subsequent goal.Surely with all the technology available football should not be having conversations or accusations[if you are a City or Liverpool fan] when a glance at a screen would suffice to come out with judicious decisions.

To be continually confronted by the same problems is a sure sign of a lack of progress and to continually offer remedies that have no record of success is actively surrendering to your problems.Tony Pulis is a decent manager but precedent has shown that managers thrown in half way through a season,coming in with their own brand of football and philosophy scarcely manage to implement these ideas let alone reap results or survive the dreaded drop.The time for video technology to be actively introduced is long overdue matches should not be decided by the incompetence of referees or by the deceit of competitors.