When the fox walks lame the old rabbit jumps-African Proverb.

The primary skill required in a modern manager is the ability to deal with or rather WITHSTAND the billion opinions being feted out..The traditional media outlets plus the social networks and the quintillion blogs out there have given a voice and a platform to every dissenting thought in the galaxy.Whoever succceded Sir Alex was sure to face pressure,scrutiny and measurement on a scale Sir Alex himself did not encounter,no other sporting club in the world has to deal with this level of intense microscopic attention,you only have to cast your mind back to the month of may and recall the attention given to the retirement of Sir Alex.United’s travails this season have inspired legions of aspiring comedians,delighted long suffering rival fans and left the merchants of doom in a trade boom.David Moyes is a proven manager and the level of scorn he has been subjected to is completely uncalled for and not reflective what he bears responsibility for.The remedies the blogs,media publications and pub experts are advocating for are a a parody of reality.A squad that wins the league by a margin of eleven points does not become mediocre over the course of a summer holiday and a manager who has held his own with good sides assembled on a shoe string budget against teams with budgets which are the envy of most third world nations does not transform into a buffoon overnight.United has very talented young players who have to step up to the challenge of representing Manchester United and it also has ageing/experienced players whose adequate replacements were never found(by Sir Alex) and a creative midfielder deficiency that even the most nominal football fan is aware of.. Six years on and the Scholes replacement is nowhere in sight.All these scenarios and the inevitable different approach Moyes brings has ensured a transition that has brought hope to the vanquished,glee to the vengeful and ressurected many comedians careers.Calls for David Moyes to be sacked may stem from disillusionment and disappointment but they are still DEAD WRONG.David is not blameless but the vocal backing United fans continue to give him at football stadiums is not an endorsement of the current results but a stance of solidarity not with Moyes but with the club culture that has propelled a man of his values to lead this wonderful club.From  managing greats like Ginola,Paul Gascoigne and Neville Southall to nurturing talents like Rooney,Barkley and Coleman,David has proven himself for a shrewd operator.Manchester United can boast to have had two managers lead the club for a combined total of fifty years ,this is the kind of support Moyes requires,will receive and most assuredly deserves.David Moyes will not change Man Utd,Man UTD will change David Moyes. In a world of a trillion opinions the true test of leadership is interpreting all the noise and coming out with a solution that is true to your values.